Scarp Car Removals Perth

Used cars can easily become a costly trap because they use more fuel as well as more money for their maintenance. Would you like scrap car removals for the right price?

Then precisely you are at the right place. “Car removal Perth” is a car removal as well as junk recycling company located at Perth, WA. With our scrap metal as well as junk recycling service we can easily dispose your car quickly.  Basically we pick up your car, dispose it free of cost and give you top dollar for the scrap metal as well as junk got from it. The process is generally hassle free and cash is directly given when your car is taken.

We are in vehicle recycling business since 2002. That means we have been in the business for past 19 years. We assure you the highest quality service and more money for your used, old and unwanted cars. We have our scrap yard at Welshpool and our core business is disposal of used cars in fast and simple ways. We are one of the best auto wreckers at Perth, Western Australia. You will get upto $9999 for your used cars and trucks regardless of the condition they are in. We also deal with used car parts. If you have an old vehicle like an old all wheel drive, truck, van, vintage car, classical car etc contact us for our service.

Car Brands We Scrap

Weather you have any commercial vehicle like bus, utes, van or trucks Kei cars, sports cars, other asian as well as Japanese cars, we buy and sell them all. The brand of car does not matter. We deal with all car brands like Suzuki, Subaru, BMW, Mitsubishi, kia, Nissan, Ford etc. We do not deal with bikes, scooter and car bodies or shells. We deal with complete cars only. You can trust our service. We are professionals and we don’t mess around.

Process Of Scrap Car Removal

Our buyer buys the old vehicle from you that is no longer worth repairing. It is the vehicle that no longer passes from department of transport or you have an accident with the vehicle. We even pickup cars for free charge upto an area of 50 km from Perth. As a seller you will receive a certain amount of cash depending upon the car model, condition, age and estimated recycling options. You will receive the vehicle registration document as well as licence plates to properly deregister the vehicle at the registration office. So contact us on 0412-119-053 for instant cash for your scrap vehicle.

Reason To Sell Your Car To Us

  • You will receive more money than a dealership or in an auction.
  • You don’t have to pay any car removal fee because we will give you a free vehicle removal service.
  • We guarantee a 100% customer satisfaction along with best cash for your used car.
  • We give more car for commercial vehicles like Toyota Hilux.
  • Free car collection from around 50 km around Perth.
  • Depending on vehicle condition we also buy and sell used cars.
  • We dispose of car batteries. You can also give us your used as well as defective car batteries for disposal.
  • We dispose any vehicle with fire, water, storm or flood damaged.
  • We don’t pick up car shells or bodies, that includes trucks as well.


  • Contact us online through email or call us on our number for metro car removal service.
  • We will contact you and carry out an appointment with you. You will immediately know the value you will receive for your used scrap car.
  • Bring your car to us or call us for our scrap car removal through our tow trucks. You will also receive a free car removal service as well.
  • As we buy cars from you, you don’t need to worry about the disposal paper. We will take care of all the rego papers.

To contact us fill our enquiry form or contact us directly through our number. For us the following questions are essential for vehicle removal and disposal process

  • The kind of scrap trucks or car you have
  • The place where it should be picked.
  • Vehicle condition i.e ready or not ready to drive, ready to roll or does it have to be on trailer.

With this information we schedule an appointment with you and give you an assessment of weather we can buy the junk car and pay you top dollars for it. We will come and pick up your vehicle in one hour or less. Our service provider will pay you in cash on the spot only. We provide this service anywhere in and around near Perth. Make sure to have your photo Id before you have your scrap car removed.


There is no hidden charges for our service. You get more or less money depending upon the model as well as condition. So what are you waiting for? Contact us now to get your old car removed and get top dollar for it.