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Do you have an old, damaged, or unwanted car? Get INSTANT CASH for your Car from Car Removal Perth.

We pay top prices for all vehicle makes and models, as well as all types of scrap metal. No matter where you are in Perth, we’ll visit your premises and remove your car or scrap metal for no charge – in fact, we’ll pay you cash for it! We service country areas too.

So it's time to find an Australian car removals professional and have your old junk car removed?! Car removal services for recycling old, unwanted junk cars and other various forms of metal, have become highly competitive with-in this industry. Not only here in Australia, but through-out the world as well.

Tips to finding a respectable car removals service

When looking for a professional car removal service, it's a good idea to ask the metal recycling merchants if they have the relevant license's and insurance coverage for the job. This is just in case of any possible accidents that may occur while your Australian car removals service and or scrap metal removal service is being performed.

Accidents can and do happen, so be aware

It's not something any of us wish to happen, but accidents can and do happen from time to time. So for peace of mind, it's good to know if anything should go wrong, your covered and so is your Perth Car Removals Professional.

Research the business's name

One thing you can do is to Google Search the free car removal agent's business name. See if there is any feedback online about them. How well the junk car removal and or free scrap metal removal and recycling individual in question operates. Typically, a good business will have a blog page on their website. Possibly even a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

Look for a feedback section on their web site

On the free car removals or scrap metal removal services blog page, you should find a comments section used for any questions or feedback clients/customers may of had. A lot of business's today put up a blog, but you cannot leave any feedback, nor ask any questions of your own about their business and what they can do for your individual needs.

Possible reasons for no feedback

It's possible they were not getting any feedback at all, or the feedback they were getting was not so good. So they made their own feedback and then closed it off due to spam. Seen this before? A good business will not need to play this cheap trick.

Still unsure?

If your still unsure and not confident with the Australian car removal services you have been able to talk with, try calling your local 'scrap metal recycling center.' They generally have a good knowledge base of the local car removal service providers, including scrap metal removals professionals that they are able to recommend to you. It's even possible they can have your free car removal or scrap metal removal service done for you personally.

Problems customers face today

Many people wheel and deal for metal of all types, trying to make a living from an industry that rises and falls with-out regard to anyone it might leave behind in it's wake. Not helping this, is a lack of regulation with-in the industry. It can swiftly become a recipe for disaster. This does not help customers who, knowing nothing or little about the industry, are looking to find a reliable and professional scrap metal recycling merchant that can meet their needs. Search engine giants, such as Google and Yahoo, provide customers with seemingly endless search results. Results to free car removal services and scrap metal recycling professionals that are not only local, but are from all over the globe.. Yeah, I know right?!

What you want is..

You want someone local to you. Someone who can provide the service your looking for. Someone who can remove the junk cars from your yard, or the scrap metal you have piling up behind your shed, really needing to be recycled. How do you sort out the good from the bad, and which scrap metal merchant or car removals service do you choose?

Our Pledge to You

Car Removal Perth Professionals take pride in their work and their service to you. With many years of experience in the car removal and metal recycling industry, you know your in good hands..

Car Removal Perth Service

Australian car removal service delivers to you not only a professional, reliable, car removals professional within your local area, but delivers an informative guide to understanding the car removal industry. Including all the help you should need in any direction of the junk cars removal and or, scrap metal removals for recycling services.

Most car removal agents within Australia do offer a cash reward for the car you are wanting removed, provided you meet their 'cash for cars' criteria. This will generally include, but not limited to, the distance from the car removal professionals work base in which he or she may need to travel to collect your car for removal, and secondly, the weight of your car for removal.

The weight of your car for removal could greatly impact the scrap metal value if your looking to be paid cash. Visit our 'Cash For Cars' page to find out more about getting cash for your junk car and or cars here on Car Removal Perth.

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Our services include

  • Free car removal service
  • Cash for cars
  • Free on-line appraisals
  • On-Site Evaluations
  • Scrap Metal Bins
  • Car Body Pickup
  • Regional and Farm Scrap Metal Removal
  • Mine Site Scrap Metal Removal and Bin Service
  • Weighing and Payment
  • Hire Truck
  • Country Collections
  • Bulk Collections