Cash For Junk Cars Perth

Do you know that almost every old and unwanted vehicle still has some residual value? These are the components that are suitable for reuse and still fetch cash for junk cars. This will be paid by the vehicle recycling department.” Car Removal Perth” is a car breaker and junk removal company situated in Perth, Western Australia. Old cars usually become a costly trap due to it’s high fuel consumption as well as repairs on it numerous times. We pick up your car and take further steps to recycle your car. Our entire car wrecking service is free of charge plus you will get top dollar for your used car. We have an old scrap yard in Welshpool and one of your core business is disposal of used cars in fast and simple ways.

Money That You Can Get From Your Wrecked Or Junk Car

We pay an amount of $150-$50000 in cash or bank transfer for your wrecked cars, but it heavily depends on the model of your car. Some models pay more while some model pays less. The best way to find this out is to call us on our number “0412-199-053” to know how much your wrecked car is worth because our company “Car removal Perth” is the best in its business in Perth. Our tow vehicle can pick up your car in-between area of 50 km from Perth or else you can drop off your old vehicle at our wrecking yard. We deal with all kind of cars.

How To Sell Your Junk Car In Perth

Contact us through our email or give us number. We will pick up your car in less than an hour and our servicemen will pay you in cash on the spot only. We provide free car removal anywhere in Perth.

Things To Be Done Before Selling Your Junk Car

  • Please remove all your belongings or trash from the vehicle.
  • Give a call on our contact number or click on it to get a quote form.
  • We are one of the best car scrapping company in Perth. We provide free service for towing your car and scrap removal is free of charge.

Kinds Of Car You Can Sell

You can sell any type of damaged car because fixing it is gonna cost you more than a second-hand car. No matter the type of vehicle or its condition, our scrap car removal service will buy them all. Moreover, we do not deal with motorcycles or any car parts. We only deal with whole complete cars. We buy damaged cars, vans, utes, SUVs, trucks etc. We accept all makes so the brand does not matter. We will buy and remove all car models and brands starting from Asian companies like Subaru to Japanese companies like Suzuki. We deal with many car companies like Mitsubishi, Subaru, Kia, BMW, Toyota, Ford, Suzuki, Holden etc. Our crash car company will buy them all.

Why Should You Sell Your Used Car To Our Company

Our car wrecking company “Car removal Perth ” is in the business of vehicle recycling and car wrecking since 2002 i.e we have experience of more than 19 years. We have the highest quality service and we are one of the best. The benefits you can avail here are :

  • Get top cash for your car as well as free car removal service.
  • Instant cash for scrap cars including damage on the car from fire, water, floods etc.
  • Scrap car collection upto an area of 50 km in and around Perth for free.
  • Get more cash from commercial vehicles such as Toyota Hilux.
  • Any car with or without license plates.
  • You can also sell your used or damaged car batteries.

So why sell your used car in a dealership or auction for less money. Call us first. You will know that you will get more money from us. Moreover, you don’t have to pay any extra charge for a car selling service. We guarantee you 100% customer satisfaction as well as the best cash offers for used cars anywhere around Perth.

Advantages Of Disposition Of Your Old Motor Vehicle

You can avoid a crime

If you are a car owner parking your wrecked car on the side of a street, you are committing a crime. It can be punished with a hefty fine of $50000. Therefore the vehicle owner always has to submit a disposition certificate to the vehicle registration office. If there is no proof of proper disposal you are suspected of illegally disposed of the old car.

You make a valuable contribution to environmental protection

Old vehicles not only contain a lot of recyclable materials but also contain a lot of environmentally hazardous substances like

  • Brake fluid
  • Motor oil
  • Gear oil
  • CFCs
  • Lead

So recycling of these substances are very important. So we not only give top dollar for your cars but also conserve the environment by proper disposal of these hazardous wastes.

Earn extra cash

We are a small car disposal company in Perth that will pay you the highest price for your old car at any age and condition in an instant cash. So our question to all old car owners, what are you waiting for? Contact our company “Car removal Perth ” today for getting free vehicle removal services.