Why Recycling Your Car is Good for the Planet?

Addressing the huge demand for steel and other metals through recycling..

If you’re reading this, chances are you have a heap of junk out the front of your home. Maybe junk is too strong of a word. Perhaps it was a good car once – but now it has sadly been stripped it of its former glory through the years and the many miles it has taken you.

If the grass and weeds are starting to snake around the body of the vehicle, it’s time to do something about it. If the condition of the car makes it unsellable, you should call up a car removal company to take it away for you.

Sure, you’ll get money for it, which is nice, but it isn’t the only reason why you should scrap your car – it is actually good for the planet, a statement this blog is going to explore.

Steel Metal compressed into blocks before Recycling

The bodywork and parts of most vehicles are constructed with steel.

Steel requires copious amounts of energy to be constructed – not only to mine the raw materials from the earth, but also in the manufacturing process. This process contributes to air and water pollution, as well as greenhouse gas emissions. The amount of raw materials found in the ground is also finite and at our current rate of production, it won’t be long until that source is completely depleted.

Sure, a solution is to just find different materials. A lot of the newer models of cars can have plastics, fibreglass and carbon fibre components. Using these make the car lighter and more fuel efficient.

However, there are benefits to vehicles with a steel construction, namely durability and safety. Until a cost effective alternative comes around (which doesn’t seem likely anytime soon), cars will continually be made primarily from steel.

Why recycling is important

Scrap metal –As previously mentioned, there is only a finite amount of steel out there, so if you just dump your car instead of recycling, you are throwing away a resource that can never be replaced. Recycling metal also reduces our consumption of raw materials, which is beneficial to the planet.

Parts – Just because your car has had it, it doesn’t mean all the parts are useless. When a car is scraped, the motor and other sections are dissembled and are sold as spare parts. This is great for two reasons:

  • Decreases the need for steel.
  • Sells viable parts to consumers at a cheaper cost than ‘new ones’.

Why Car Removals Help

It comes a no surprise that scrap metal businesses make money. However, their existence is paramount to steel recycling, because if someone did not make money from it, it would not get done. Additionally, these companies are feeding a product back into the manufacturing process that requires no energy or resources to construct (because it’s already been made), which is again good news for the planet.

So apart from the monetary benefits and the fact that they remove your car, you can see how recycling your car for cash is an environmentally friendly measure. So if you’re going to dump your vehicle, please go green and get it scraped.