Free Car Removal For Lemon Car Today

Do you remember the feeling when you first had your car? Since then, it had taken you to a lot of places. Some of those moments might be nostalgic. It used to have optimum performance, unlike these days. You might hate to admit it, but it’s about time to get yourself a new car. Read on before thinking of driving it to the junkyard.

You might be short of cash to buy a new car, so we are here to give you tips on how to sell a lemon car.

Ask the important questions.

The reality is not all auto salvage and junkyard companies share the same thoughts. You can cash in on your lemon car and get more money if you sell to the right buyers.

We know that it is very convenient just to drive your lemon vehicle to your local junkyard or recycling center. You get there, accept the first offer, and bring your money home. However, if you think that you should get more for your beloved car, you’d better be asking around first.

There are auto recycling companies that are in touch with junkyards nationwide. They will offer the best price no matter what condition your car is in.

Most of the time you’ll get an offer the same day you bring your car, but that’s just a better offer compared to your local junkyard.

And you have to do your homework so you won’t be a victim of a scam. Yes, you read that right; junkyard scams are real.

It’s always a good idea to see the junkyard’s license. Make sure that you understand their definition of a ton. A metric ton and a net ton is not the same thing. Getting your car weighed in net ton guarantees the best offer.


Get to know the factors that impact the offer.

If you understand what things could affect the offer, you will be enlightened. One way of saying this is don’t immediately jump into conclusions that a low offer is a scam. You should listen to junkyard’s representative to explain why the offer is lower or higher than you’ve expected.

This article is very informative about understanding how the price of scrap metal is calculated. The price of scrap metal like aluminum, steel, and copper in the market isn’t constant. It is one important factor that affects the quote you will be offered.

You also have to know that your car has to be prepared before it is ready to be crushed. The labor that will go to the prep will also impact the digits on their offer. The company will have to assess how much of your car is reusable, too.

Furthermore, you must think about what it will cost you to bring your car to the junkyard. All is well if your car is drivable. That way you can save some money.

You might think that the minor scrapes and amount of rust are ignored, but they actually reflect in the quote, too. We at WA Car Removals pay top cash for scrap cars.

Bear in mind that any junkyard won’t be able to buy a car without its title. Under the law, you are obligated to present the title as proof that you are indeed the owner and it’s not stolen or something. So make sure you have it in your pocket before you head to the junkyard.